Advanced Form Elements

Type options

Using input type="datetime-local" type="datetime-local" is not supported in Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 12 (or earlier).
Using input type="date"
Using input type="month"
Using input type="time"
Using input type="week"
Using input type="number"
Using input type="email"
Using input type="url"
Using input type="search"
Using input type="tel"
Using input type="color"

Basic file inputs

Custom file input

Input masks

Color & Time Picker

Date picker

Select Elements

Bootstrap Select boxes

Select box
Select boxes with Option groups
Multiple select boxes
With colored Button Classes

Bootstrap TouchSpin

Input Tags

Add data-role="tagsinput" to your input field & its automatically change it to a tags input.
Select Tags
You can also use select multiple to your input field.
Input Group Tags
You can also use group tag data-role="tagsinput" to your input field.

iCheck - Checkbox & Radio Inputs

Basic Checkbox

Basic Checkbox Design Colors

Basic Checkbox Design Colors with Filled In

Basic Radio Button

Basic Radio Button Design Colors

Basic Radio Button Design Colors with Outline

Mayra Sibley

2 Hours

Hi there, I'm Jesse and you?

3 minutes

My name is Anne Clarc.
Mayra Sibley

40 seconds

Nice to meet you Anne.
How can i help you?