Weather Icons

25 icons v2.0 New

wi wi-day-cloudy-high
wi wi-moonrise
wi wi-volcano
wi wi-day-light-wind
wi wi-moonset
wi wi-flood
wi wi-train
wi wi-day-sleet
wi wi-night-sleet
wi wi-sandstorm
wi wi-small-craft-advisory
wi wi-day-haze
wi wi-night-alt-sleet
wi wi-tsunami
wi wi-gale-warning
wi wi-night-cloudy-high
wi wi-raindrop
wi wi-earthquake
wi wi-storm-warning
wi wi-night-alt-partly-cloudy
wi wi-barometer
wi wi-fire
wi wi-hurricane-warning
wi wi-sleet
wi wi-humidity

Daytime icons

wi wi-day-sunny
wi wi-day-cloudy
wi wi-day-cloudy-gusts
wi wi-day-cloudy-windy
wi wi-day-fog
wi wi-day-hail
wi wi-day-haze
wi wi-day-lightning
wi wi-day-rain
wi wi-day-rain-mix
wi wi-day-rain-wind
wi wi-day-showers
wi wi-day-sleet
wi wi-day-sleet-storm
wi wi-day-snow
wi wi-day-snow-thunderstorm
wi wi-day-snow-wind
wi wi-day-sprinkle
wi wi-day-storm-showers
wi wi-day-sunny-overcast
wi wi-day-thunderstorm
wi wi-day-windy
wi wi-solar-eclipse
wi wi-hot
wi wi-day-cloudy-high
wi wi-day-light-wind

Night Time icons

wi wi-night-clear
wi wi-night-alt-cloudy
wi wi-night-alt-cloudy-gusts
wi wi-night-alt-cloudy-windy
wi wi-night-alt-hail
wi wi-night-alt-lightning
wi wi-night-alt-rain
wi wi-night-alt-rain-mix
wi wi-night-alt-rain-wind
wi wi-night-alt-showers
wi wi-night-alt-sleet
wi wi-night-alt-sleet-storm
wi wi-night-alt-snow
wi wi-night-alt-snow-thunderstorm
wi wi-night-alt-snow-wind
wi wi-night-alt-sprinkle
wi wi-night-alt-storm-showers
wi wi-night-alt-thunderstorm
wi wi-night-cloudy
wi wi-night-cloudy-gusts
wi wi-night-cloudy-windy
wi wi-night-fog
wi wi-night-hail
wi wi-night-lightning
wi wi-night-partly-cloudy
wi wi-night-rain
wi wi-night-rain-mix
wi wi-night-rain-wind
wi wi-night-showers
wi wi-night-sleet
wi wi-night-sleet-storm
wi wi-night-snow
wi wi-night-snow-thunderstorm
wi wi-night-snow-wind
wi wi-night-sprinkle
wi wi-night-storm-showers
wi wi-night-thunderstorm
wi wi-lunar-eclipse
wi wi-stars
wi wi-storm-showers
wi wi-thunderstorm
wi wi-night-alt-cloudy-high
wi wi-night-cloudy-high
wi wi-night-alt-partly-cloudy

Neutral icons

wi wi-cloud
wi wi-cloudy
wi wi-cloudy-gusts
wi wi-cloudy-windy
wi wi-fog
wi wi-hail
wi wi-rain
wi wi-rain-mix
wi wi-rain-wind
wi wi-showers
wi wi-sleet
wi wi-snow
wi wi-sprinkle
wi wi-storm-showers
wi wi-thunderstorm
wi wi-snow-wind
wi wi-snow
wi wi-smog
wi wi-smoke
wi wi-lightning
wi wi-raindrops
wi wi-raindrop
wi wi-dust
wi wi-snowflake-cold
wi wi-windy
wi wi-strong-wind
wi wi-sandstorm
wi wi-earthquake
wi wi-fire
wi wi-flood
wi wi-meteor
wi wi-tsunami
wi wi-volcano
wi wi-hurricane
wi wi-tornado
wi wi-small-craft-advisory
wi wi-gale-warning
wi wi-storm-warning
wi wi-hurricane-warning
wi wi-wind-direction

Moon Phase icons

wi wi-moon-new
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-1
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-2
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-3
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-4
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-5
wi wi-moon-waxing-cresent-6
wi wi-moon-first-quarter
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-1
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-2
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-3
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-4
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-5
wi wi-moon-waxing-gibbous-6
wi wi-moon-full
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-1
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-2
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-3
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-4
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-5
wi wi-moon-waning-gibbous-6
wi wi-moon-third-quarter
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-1
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-2
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-3
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-4
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-5
wi wi-moon-waning-crescent-6
wi wi-moon-alt-new
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-1
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-2
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-3
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-4
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-5
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-cresent-6
wi wi-moon-alt-first-quarter
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-1
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-2
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-3
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-4
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-5
wi wi-moon-alt-waxing-gibbous-6
wi wi-moon-alt-full
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-1
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-2
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-3
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-4
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-5
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-gibbous-6
wi wi-moon-alt-third-quarter
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-1
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-2
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-3
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-4
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-5
wi wi-moon-alt-waning-crescent-6

Other icons

wi wi-alien
wi wi-celsius
wi wi-fahrenheit
wi wi-degrees
wi wi-thermometer
wi wi-thermometer-exterior
wi wi-thermometer-internal
wi wi-cloud-down
wi wi-cloud-up
wi wi-cloud-refresh
wi wi-horizon
wi wi-horizon-alt
wi wi-sunrise
wi wi-sunset
wi wi-moonrise
wi wi-moonset
wi wi-refresh
wi wi-refresh-alt
wi wi-umbrella
wi wi-barometer
wi wi-humidity
wi wi-na
wi wi-train

Time icons

wi wi-time-1
wi wi-time-2
wi wi-time-3
wi wi-time-4
wi wi-time-5
wi wi-time-6
wi wi-time-7
wi wi-time-8
wi wi-time-9
wi wi-time-10
wi wi-time-11
wi wi-time-12

Directional Arrows

wi wi-direction-up
wi wi-direction-up-right
wi wi-direction-right
wi wi-direction-down-right
wi wi-direction-down
wi wi-direction-down-left
wi wi-direction-left
wi wi-direction-up-left
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My name is Anne Clarc.
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